Motörhead Ends Their Wacken Show Early

Motörhead’s set at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany lasted less than a half hour, which is 45 minutes SHORTER than they were scheduled. What happened?!? Looks like Lemmy wasn’t feeling up to the set after all. As you probably know, he’s been having some health issues lately, and this was supposed to be his triumphant return.


This wasn’t the return to stage that Motörhead fans were hoping for. Not only was it a short set, but there were long, “eerie” pauses in between each song, of which they only played six. That includes a guitar solo from Phil Campbell to kill time as well.

Man, if I were there I would have been so freaking disappointed! However, there are a lot of Motörhead fans who were angried that the set was cut short. What the hell, man?!  The dude is sick! He probably shouldn’t have even tried to perform until he was back to 100% to begin with, so don’t go around complaining that you didn’t get a longer set! Show some support!


I’m sure Lemmy will be back and in better form than ever in no time. Hopefully he doesn’t push himself too hard, though.