Winning: 5 Greatest Grammy Performances!

The Grammys are only a day away and everyone in the office is excited. This year the awards are taking a back seat to all the amazing performances that are in store!

In anticipation of tomorrow’s blockbuster event, here are the staff’s favorite Grammy performances from years past!

Country’s Pick: Michael Jackson (1988)

I was tempted to go country but it was impossible to pass up Michael Jackson’s epic 10 minute medley of hits. We all need to be reminded what a genius the one and only (sorry Bieber) King of Pop was.

Metal’s Pick: Metallica (1989)

Everyone remembers this as the year Metallica got robbed of the best metal album award by Jethro Friggn Tull, but at least they were able to unleash this kick ass performance of “One.”

Indie’s Pick: Joe Strummer Tribute (2003)

Two months after his death, the Grammys pulled off a fitting tribute to The Clash frontman Joe Strummer, bringing together Bruce Springsteen, Little Steven, Elvis Costello, and Dave Grohl for a powerful rendition of “London Calling.” Not a bad way to honor the legacy of a legend.

Nerdcore’s Pick: Eminem ft. Elton John (2006)

I could have easily put this in last week’s crazy collaboration list. Shockingly, these two pulled it off. Not so shockingly, Eminem continues to use lyrics that I don’t support.

Techno & Dubstep: Deadmau5 (2012)

Dubstep and I definitely think it’s PLUR the Grammys are finally acknowledging EDM. We only wish this Deadmau5 performance wasn’t so short. He deserves at least three hours!

What is your all-time favorite Grammy performance? Let us know in the comments below!