Daily Roundup: Macklemore Is The Man … Of The Year!

(VIA NERDCORE) “The Source” named Macklemore their man of the year. Can’t argue with that![Source]

Miley Cyrus released an acoustic version of “Adore You.” Finally, a stripped down version of Miley that’s not cringe-worthy. [Idolator]

(VIA METAL) Not actually Guns N’ Roses will be touring this year. They should just be honest and change their name to Fat Axl N’ Some Random Dudes. [RS]

Kanye West extended his Yeezus tour. Keep checking the MyMusic blog for on sale and cancellation updates. [CoS]

(VIA INDIE) Carrie Brownstein hinted their might be a Sleater-Kinney reunion on the horizon. Seriously, Carrie, enough with the comedy. It’s time to get back to your roots. [Stereogum]




4 thoughts on “Daily Roundup: Macklemore Is The Man … Of The Year!

  1. jeremy rivito

    Yes, I agree with Macklemore becoming Man Of The Year, because he encouraged many, for example with his song “Same Love” he told everyone who is LGBT that they are fine just the way they are and they don’t have to be ashamed of who they are.

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