Judas Priest Headbang On ‘The Simpsons’!!!

I’ve always been a fan of “The Simpsons.” Even though cartoons are usually for nerds (and no I don’t have a problem with nerds, I’m just not one!) I definitely connected with Bart Simpson growing up. That dude is a little bad ass.

My biggest problem with “The Simpsons” is they rarely give metal any respect. That show has had a ton of musical guests over the years but there’s been a suspicious lack of headbangers.

They once featured Ozzy but he didn’t supply his own voice!  Metallica finally showed up in season 18, so I’ll give them that.

But I wanted more!

Seven years later and my prayers have been answered. Sort of. Judas Priest appeared on the show last night but the writers kinda made a mockery of the band. Instead of singing the normal kick ass lyrics to “Breaking the Law,” Rob Halford was forced to say “Respecting the law! Copyright law!”


They also had a character refer to Priest as death metal, and as much I’m a fan of death metal and a fan of Priest, Priest is not death metal. Do some research!

You need to step you your metal game, Simpsons. I don’t care if I have to wait another seven years, let’s get some Slayer, Megadeath, anything metal! It’s what Bart would want.

Which metal band would you like to see on “The Simpsons”? Let us know in the comments below!