O EM GEE u gaiz!!! my favoritest movie of da year has been doing sooo well!

Frozen is not only super duper cute and awesome, but iz supppperrrr successful! (which ive been told is an important thing 2 be…at least thats what Intern 2 would always say..)

Frozen beat out Beyonce with their album staying at #1! Beyonce is gr8, but c’mon, who can resist playing Let It Go on repeat for 4 hours!? NOT ME!!!

Elsa and Anna have also become best-selling toys! Not surprising! I mean, right now, they are the COOLEST Disney princesses. heh, coolest! geddit?! teeheeehee…Though personally, I’d want an Olaf plushie! I wud give him warm hugz allll day :DSo with all the super fantastic success Frozen has, with all of this and a Golden Globe to top it all off, Broadway seems like the next step! EEEEP!I am soo excited it hurtz!!

Disney CEO Bob Iger talked to Forbes about plans to release Frozen as a musical on Broadway! Though they don’t know the timeframe or anything yet… Take your time, Mr. Iger, we want it 2 b as perfect as Elsa’s eyebrows!!

I just hope i can wait that looong D; i wanna see it so so bad! But we have to wait.. after all, i dunno how they are gonna build a ginormous snow castle on stage! itz gonna take a LOT of work.I wonder if Idina Menzel will play Elsa in it!? I mean she is Elsa after all! and she can sing perfectly! (and Kristen Bell 2!) i would toootally audition 4 one of da trollz! lolz! trollolololololol! or Olaf! >:DBut 4 now I’m just gonna stop worrying and wait 4 moar detailz!!Let it go, let it go, please produce this Broadway shoooooow! hehehehe 😀