Finding Dory Is Changing Its Ending!
Finding Dory

Finding Dory, the most highly anticipated sequel to a fish movie of all time according to ME, will have a different ending than originally planned!

Apparently, the original ending to Finding Dory was going to take place at a Marine Park, but after the highly controversial documentary “Blackfish” was released, which showed just how mean and maybe not good the killer whales at Sea World are treated, Pixar decided to change their script just a little bit!

Finding Dory isn’t coming out until November 2015, so they still have plenty of time to think of a new ending! Here are some ideas I have!

–       Dory becomes made of candy but always replenishes herself if she gets eaten.

–       The ocean becomes Jell-O!

–       Dory and Marlin get My Chemical Romance back together and there’s a big underwater concert in Atlantis and instead of being a movie this happens in real life!

–       Dory stops forgetting stuff!

–       Dory makes cute adorbz avatars and there’s a 3rd Finding Nemo movie all about her avatars!!!

Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton have signed on to play Dory’s parents. But will they have a hard time remembering stuff the way Dory does? Also will Dory remember them? I hope so! I have a bad memory but if my parents were alive I would almost for sure remember who they are and what they look like probably!

Ty Burrell from Modern Family will be the voice of a beluga whale named Bailey. Now I have to go to research to find out if Beluga whales are real things, or fake creatures made up for that song!

Finding Dory will be so good! I’m already giving it an A+ so if you forget to come back to read my review in November 2015, that’s okay, because you already know how I feel! I’ll love it and it’s so good!

But what’s with all the Pixar SEQUELS these days? Toy Story 3 was the most amazeballstowncity movie ever made, but Cars 2 was definitely not. Monsters University was good, but I like the NEW Pixar stuff much much better! What do you guys think? Are you excited for Finding Dory? Should Pixar have changed the ending? Sound off in the comments!