YUCK! Late this afternoon, the cover art for Lady Gaga’s hotly anticipated (by who?) upcoming album, ARTPOP, released online, and her reign of shock value continued to soar with the edgy artwork. It seems with Lady Gaga’s latest cover art that the hottest trend in pop fashion is……well, not wearing any clothes. Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, you name it! Am I the only one whose reaction to “Wrecking Ball” was to throw a shirt and some nice pants on that young lady. That wrecking ball must be freezing!

Lady Gaga’s wrecking ball, in this case, is the giant, blue egg that rests between her legs. Is it the world? Is it just an egg? Why should we even care? I’m still trying to forget the memory that was her cover art for “Applause.” Smeared make up is in no way fashionable.

It took me nearly 20 minutes to figure out that the Lady Gaga on the cover of ARTPOP wasn’t even really the real Lady Gaga! It was just a sculpture! Regardless, that’s no excuse not to properly cover it with a jacket or even a coat. Do you think mannequins stand in stores naked as the day they were born? No way! They are dressed classy and posed in a position to receive oohs from onlookers not egads like this sculpture of Lady Gaga along with her many strange outfits.. So Miss Gaga, please, for once, wear an outfit that doesn’t look like my breakfast and, if not, at least put a coat on! Hypothermia is real and extremely scary.


What do you think of Lady Gaga’s album cover? Are you tired of her edginess? Discuss it in the comments below!


543 thoughts on “GAGA DROPS A GOOSE EGG!

  1. Cyan Jackson

    shut up as usual intern 2 and leave gaga be. besides you shouldnt be spending 20 min on her! if crazy singers like lady gaga think being naked and having paint on their face is artistic and modern and original the worst we can do is give them so much attention for it! but also the mannequin looks just like her. plastic and unreal 🙂 i miss old dont give a fudge gagagagagagaga

  2. Love Jayda

    Ugh… When will singers just let their talent speak for itself? Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga. Both talented people. But who is talking about their talent? Everyone talks about them like “What did they do now?” The sad part is they will never be taken seriously, especially when they get old and their sex appeal runs out. How will they make money?

    People like Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, Mariah Carey, and Aretha Franklin had long careers because they let their talent speak for itself. Gimmicks don’t work forever. I know people like Janelle Monae, Corinne Bailey Rae, Lianne La Havas, India Arie, and artists like them will be around for a long time because of the lack of gimmicks, even if they never become extremely mainstream.

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