YouTube Spotlight: Crazy for Kylee

You might be familiar with Kylee from her recent collaborations with Kurt Hugo Schneider and performer of the greatest cover ever of Intern 2’s “The Flow Chart Song,” Sam Tsui. But this incredible Japanese-American singer has been sharing her amazing talent for years, even though she’s only 19! In fact, Kylee even sang the ending theme to the anime series “X’amd: Lost Memories.”


Also amazing, Kylee performs in both Japanese and English! Recently, Kylee released her EP, Crazy for You, which features four songs sung in English. While I love the title track, a perfect representation of Kylee’s original music, I would be lying if I told u I wasn’t fan of her English cover of “Blue Bird” from “Naruto: Shippuden.” I played it for Nerdcore and he went crazy!!!

It’s no surprise Kylee has been getting a lot of attention recently with her recent cover collaborations. She’s the perfect match for Kurt and Sam and nails her vocals on covers for Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” and Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” which is approaching 5 million views on YouTube. She’s also released some amazing covers of her own including the Techno & Dubstep endorsed cover of Zedd’s “Clarity.”

I highly recommend checking out Kylee’s YouTube page and then, if u like her music, let her know on Twitter! And don’t forget 2 use #MyMusic!!!

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