Daily Roundup: Selena Gomez Faces a Tough Battle!!!

(VIA SCENE) According to Popdust, Selena Gomez cancelled her tour because she’s battling lupus. Our thoughts are with you, Selena! [Popdust]

“Word on the Street” is Tyga has a new video. [YouTube]

(NERDCORE) Rapper Lil’ B released a mixtape consisting of 101 songs. I probably won’t be done listening to it until 2014. [D&T]

Justin Bieber’s Believe brought in a paltry $1.25 million on Christmas Day. Maybe it is time to retire.[MTV]

(VIA COUNTRY) Britney Spears’s TV doc didn’t do much better, earning only 706,000 viewers. How about instead of retiring, Bieber joins forces with Britney and create the greatest musical duo since Brooks & Dunn? [SPIN]