Metallica Apollo

Following in the footsteps of King Kong and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Metallica tore through New York City these past few days in support of their soon to be released 3D movie, “Through The Never.” Hell Yeah!

Fresh off their super charged performance at Rock in Rio (that’s in Rio de Janerio for all you stupids out there) the band took to New York’s historic Apollo Theater on Saturday and ripped through some epic headbangers. I’m talking classics such as “Creeping Death,” “Orion,” Master of Freaking Puppets!!!” ARGH, I’m so mad I wasn’t there. Stupid family and work!

The next day, Metallica returned to Yankee Stadium (they stopped there back in 2011 for the band’s Vacation tour). This time around they only played one song, “Enter Sandman,” as some sort of pre-game tribute to Mariano Rivera.

I guess he’s a pitcher who’s retiring or something. Who cares? They should’ve cancelled the game and let Metallica perform a full set. I mean, do people still actually care about baseball?

Thankfully, Lars, James, Kirk, and Robert weren’t done thrashing. They appeared on “The Howard Stern Show” this morning were they talked to Howard and performed a three song set including “Sandman,” “One,” and “Nothing Else Matters.”


Stern talked to Metallica about a bunch of cool stuff, including the crap the band had to deal with when they toured with Guns N’ Roses (screw those losers!), Robert’s kick ass bass techniques, and, of course, the upcoming movie.

“Through The Never” will be in theaters this Friday. It’ll even be on some IMAX screens.  Metallica, 50 feet high!  Definitely gives a whole new meaning to Monsters of Rock!!!

Are you planning on seeing “Through The Never” this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. T Solomon

    Well Metal. I love baseball. And Enter sandman. So Shut up Metal. oh Wait I should be telling intern 2 That. SHUT UP INTERN 2. Thats better. And Mariano rivera Is A Frreeaakkiinn Boss.\

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