The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of HATERS!!

So I’m like totally not a big country person, but I LOVE Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. They actually make country music good and not a boring genre that old people listen to. When I heard that Carrie Underwood would be starring in the TV remake of “The Sound of Music” I literally squealed, got totes excited to like the 100th degree, and then wondered what “The Sound of Music” was anyways. When I found out it was the musical that “Do Re Mi” came from, I got even more excited. Carrie’s going to be totes amaaaaaaaazing!!!!!

Of course, here comes all the haters!!!! Carrie’s been dealing with a lot of Twitter jealousy over the past few days and it needs to STOP! You haters need to get a life! She’s not Julie Andrews? Well duhhh! She’s Carrie Underwood for God’s sake! Ever heard of her? Yeah she’s won like a million Grammy Awards and was on the greatest show ever, American Idol! Plus, what has Julie Andrews done recently? Besides being the Queen of Genovia? NOTHING!

So if you guys can just leave Carrie Underwood alone, it would be great because she’s like super nervous, ok? As for me, I’ll be tuning in because I’m a true and not JEALOUS fan of Carrie even though I’m disappointed they didn’t get one of the cute vampires from True Blood to play her love interest. Bill? More like ew.