Nirvana: Dumb or Not?

This month marks the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s final studio album, In Utero. So I figured it would be a good time to offer my thoughts on the band since you stupids keep asking whether I’m a fan or not.  As far as their music, my answer is barely. On a scale of Taco Bell sauces they’re basically “hot” to Slayer’s “Fire.” Actually, “fire” doesn’t remotely do Slayer justice.  They’re like a thousand ghost peppers torched by the flames of hell. Give me something that’s going to melt my face!

Nirvana does come close to hitting the mark with their first album, Bleach.  I would be lying if I said songs like “School” and “Love Buzz” didn’t get me headbanging (which is a particularly huge achievement considering I usually hate all things related to school and love).  By the time Nevermind rolled around, the band clearly started to lose whatever edge it had. Do I blame the inclusion of drummer Dave Grohl? Pretty much. I mean, if Nirvana is “hot” than the Foo Fighters are barely “verde” which I assume means “lame” in Spanish.

Things only got worse with In Utero. Even Kurt Cobain thought so, admitting “Let’s face it, we already sold out two and a half years ago. There’s no sense in trying to redeem yourself by putting out an abrasive headline.”

Still, I have to give credit where credit is due. If it wasn’t for Nirvana, lame ass girlie glam metal might still be popular, so for that, the band will always have a special place in my cold dark heart.

So Kurt, rest in peace, bro. Dave, stop making crappy music. And Krist, keep doing what you’re doing, whatever the hell that is.

Tell us if you agree with Metal’s thoughts on Nirvana in the comments below!


117 thoughts on “Nirvana: Dumb or Not?

  1. Jacqueline Laybourn

    Dave Grohl is my hero. ( So is Kurt and Krist, but I have to defend Dave here.) Dave Grohl has showed me what passion is. He has showed me not only what it looks like, but what it sounds like. He has also showed me the importance of the human element. Music should be about passion and it should sound like people, not ProTools. If it weren’t for Dave, I don’t know what my life would be.

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  3. Caroline Engel

    Don’t even get me started! Foo Fighters are great!
    I like Nirvana, but I’m not that much into them. Dave is absolutely my hero, he knows how to make good music. He doesn’t excuse himself for the fact that he makes music that is popular. And he shouldn’t. Foo Fighters are a great band and the fact that they make succesful music shouldn’t be reason to hate them.

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