Today, geeks and nerds around the world pooped their pants for another unveiling from mega company, Apple. Many believed a brand new iPhone would be announced or a groundbreaking feature that shoots out flames and screams out your name whenever someone calls it. OK, the last one I made up, but let’s be real, this isn’t the first time that awesome idea came into your head.

Anyways, I’ve been sick and tired of all the Miley Cyrus news, so instead of letting another piece of news about twerking or whatever that nonsense is called come on as another post, I decided to cover the only other news that looked mildly entertaining. Unfortunately, Hip Hop is back to his old self or he would’ve loved covering this technological mumbo jumbo news, but hey, I work production here at MyMusic so tech is still somewhat important to me.

Outside of the announcement of the new iPhone 5s and 5c (sheesh, talk about confusing), the largest announcement was giving out the date of what many people believe will be Apple’s Pandora killer, iTunes Radio. You know I’ve always thought it was interesting when people use the word killer in terms of like “app killer” or “[insert generic term describing something that will be updated or overlapped by a competitor] term.” I would love to literally see a guy dressed up in a Pandora mascot costume beat the crap out of another guy with an iTunes Radio mascot costume. I would pay an astronomical price to see that.

iTunes Radio is set to release September 18th, allowing users to not only listen to streaming songs the same way that Spotify and Pandora do, but have a seamless option to purchase them immediately from iTunes as you hear them. I guess that’s cool. I dunno though, I feel like there are WAY too many music apps out there that do exactly the same thing. Well, at least it’s free, and free stuff is fine by me.