Hear Them Now: Parquet Courts
Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts were one of the best bands you didn’t here about in 2012. Brothers Andrew and Mark Savage, along with Austin Brown and Sean Yeaton, wowed the people in the know (like me) with their sophomore effort, Light Up Gold. The album was the perfect follow up to their 2011 debut American Specialties (which gets bonus points for originally being released on cassette), with the band showing off their prowess as first class post-punk revivalists.

Songs like “Stone and Starving” showed how the band could take a simple premise and go nuts with it. This especially held true during Parquet Courts epic live performances, where a seven minute song can seem like it could have easily gone twice as long.

Last month Parquet Courts left those hungering for more with a treat, a five song EP titled Tally All The Things That You Broke. While it lacks the expansiveness of its predecessors, Tally All maintains the band’s raw ferocity. It’s tough to pack more intensity into two minutes and 20 seconds than Parquet Courts does with “You’ve Got Me Wondering Now.”

Parquet Courts will be playing a handful of U.S. dates in January before embarking on an Australian and U.K. tour. See them now, before they blow up and I slowly begin to despise them.

Let us know in the comments below which up and coming artist should be next week’s “Hear Them Now” pick!


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