Review of Drake’s New Cover Art (sigh)


Oh, brother. It seems that Idol stopped me in the middle of writing my highly anticipated garden hose article, since apparently some famous rapper named Drake just released the cover for his upcoming album, “Nothing Was The Same.” Supposedly, it’s highly anticipated, and I know nothing about it, so, of course, I was chosen to review the album art. (Shouldn’t Hip Hop be doing this? I mean even though he’s a proclaimed Nerdfighter, he at least knows something about this!) Let’s hope this cover doesn’t get me queasy like that Lady Gaga cover. I get the jitters thinking about it.

This child is in need of a serious haircut!


Doing a little research, I found out that Drake, who’s full name is Aubrey Drake Graham, released not only one, but two covers for his album today! Talk about selfish! Aubrey, which is a terrific name, is shown on the first album cover facing towards the left of the frame with a straight face. Turn and face the camera Aubrey! There’s no need to be sad! You’re releasing an album…….with music I have never heard of.

 Now there’s a winning smile!


I do have to say, the watercolor work here is terrific. Wonderful pastels, and the clouds look so lifelike. I almost felt like I was looking up at them during pine cone hunting season. While it’s very simple, unlike that terrible Lady Gaga one, it made me felt calm and at home, cutting out the latest coupons and rearranging my living room furniture.

However, the only other issue seems to be that Aubrey may have to visit the barbershop again. What happened on the top of his head?! Does he know he got nicked by a razor by his forehead? How embarassing! It reminds me of the time when I came into work and forgot my extra cartridge of staples at home. I only got to staple 3,000 quarterly reports that day! It was the worst!

Also, the second cover with him as a child is a bit alarming. Where are his parents, and how have they allowed his hair to balloon like so?! Mr. and Mrs. Graham, you’ve got an emergency on your hands, and it’s called you’re son’s hair. Yeesh, and now I’m starting to sound like Idol.

Ohhhhhhh Lordy…….


Overall, I am impressed with the pastels and landscape, but also let down by the unconventional hairstyle choices and bad parenting. Let me know how you think I’m doing with these reviews and your thoughts on this album in the comments below. Now if I could just finally finish this garden hose article….