Review Of Lady Gaga’s New Cover Art

Lady Gaga has released the art work for her new single, called “Applause.” Thankfully I don’t have to review the actual song, because it hasn’t been released yet. Just the name of the song makes my ears hurt, thinking about being in the middle of a rambunctious crowd! I do have some thoughts to share on this image, though.

I do not like it. At all. First of all, her make-up is smeared! It’s like this photo was taken AFTER the real photo shoot! Where is the photo of Lady Gaga with her makeup done properly?


This is how a pretty lady should look in makeup!


Second of all, she’s going to smear all of that make-up on those white sheets! And that gives me anxiety!


 Sheets look best when clean!

If you want to know how to do a good album cover, look no further than Kenny G. All over his photos are easy-to-digest and to the point. His music can be a little too “rock and roll” at times, but at least the album covers make sense!