Review Of Lady Gaga’s New Cover Art

Lady Gaga has released the art work for her new single, called “Applause.” Thankfully I don’t have to review the actual song, because it hasn’t been released yet. Just the name of the song makes my ears hurt, thinking about being in the middle of a rambunctious crowd! I do have some thoughts to share on this image, though.

I do not like it. At all. First of all, her make-up is smeared! It’s like this photo was taken AFTER the real photo shoot! Where is the photo of Lady Gaga with her makeup done properly?


This is how a pretty lady should look in makeup!


Second of all, she’s going to smear all of that make-up on those white sheets! And that gives me anxiety!


 Sheets look best when clean!

If you want to know how to do a good album cover, look no further than Kenny G. All over his photos are easy-to-digest and to the point. His music can be a little too “rock and roll” at times, but at least the album covers make sense!


103 thoughts on “Review Of Lady Gaga’s New Cover Art

  1. K8Done .

    Normally, I don’t pay attention to the album art (unless it’s thrust into my face on a Vevo page), and the reason is wonderfully explained by Intern 2 (and is presented as the first picture). I let the music speak for itself because the artwork may have nothing to do with the music, but in Gaga’s case, both are equally “front and center” and “out there” for the lack of better phrases. This might be a little too “out there” though….

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