Beyoncé’s ‘Beyoncé’ Headed Straight to The Top!

Beyoncé is set to claim her rightful post at the top of the Billboard 200, as her surprise of a self-titled album has already sold over 550,000 copies since being released on Friday.

While Beyoncé’s album debuting at number one isn’t shocking at all, the fact that Bey dropped the album with zero advanced promotion and three days later than most albums are usually released AND still managed to have the biggest first week sales of any female artist in 2013 proves just how incredible she is!

Sasha Fierce, indeed!

Just for reference, during the first week their albums were released, Katy Perry sold 286,000 copies of Prism  and Lady Gaga only managed to sell 258,000 copies of ARTPOP, and they promoted the heck out of those!

Not only will Beyoncé wipe out the competition with her fifth consecutive number one debut, it will also be her best opening sales week of all time.

And hot off the presses, Beyoncé just released the first full-length video from Beyoncé on her YouTube channel. Yep, if you haven’t already bought the album, you can check out Bey’s stunning black white six minute video for “Drunk in Love” featuring her husband Jay Z below!

Is she the greatest or what???

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