Pajama Party at Prince’s Place!!!

This Saturday, Prince is opening up his home for an all night party officially called “The Breakfast Experience Pajama Dance Party” and I so so need 2 go!!! I don’t know much about Prince’s music but he’s royalty and I luv the song “Royals” AND he’s a huge fan of purple which is one of my all time favorite colors!!!

I’m all set on the pajamas (of course!) now I just need $50 to get in and I have 2 figure out where Minneapolis is. What a weird name for a city!! I wonder if there’s a Regularsizedapolis or a Giantapolis?

While I check out a map u should check out Prince’s new video for “Breakfast Can Wait” even though I can never wait when it comes 2 breakfast!!!

What would be your ultimate party? Let us know in the comments below!