Rap Tracks Sung Broadway Style?! I Guess It’s Aight…….

Yo, what’s good! It’s ya boy, as usual, Hip Hop! So, while I was googling images of ass, I got a video emailed to me by Idol. So of course I had to check it out, ya dig, to make sure it wasn’t spam or nothin’. Apparently, it was a video from a recent episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon of a segment where he and guest, Ariana Grande, sing hip hop songs Broadway style.

Now I ain’t got nothing against Ariana. The beat on that song she has with Mac Miller is pretty ill and I’m not gonna lie, she reminds me of a young Mariah Carey. We all know Mariah Carey’s gotta booty so you know I got Mariah in my Hall of HOLLAS! Anyways, Ariana and Jimmy go back and forth spittin’ lines from 99 Problems to Thrift Shop and I ain’t gonna lie, I chuckled a bit. THUG chuckled, of course. Not them giddy little “ooooh that’s so hilarious, but I don’t wanna embarrass myself and give away that I’m posing as something I’m not.” Hahaha! That’d be crazy!

I enjoyed this a bit, but JUST A BIT. I ain’t saying I’m soft! I just see talent where talent is. Check out the video, and let me know what you think in the comments below! Arf!