BREAKING (MY HEART) NEWS: Lady Gaga cheating Youtube views? NSYNC NOT performing at the VMAs?


Billboard editorial director, Bill Werde, has called out Lady Gaga for urging her fans to watch her video “Applause” over and over again in order to raise the number of views online. According to the now-deleted tweet, Gaga encouraged fans to create playlists with only “Applause” and playing it on a loop.

You can’t be serious Gaga!!! The song is faaaaaaabulous, and while it’s definitely not on the same level of Roar, she can’t be doing such a thing! Shame on you girl!

Only to hurt me even worse is Lance Bass announcing on his radio show that NSYNC will NOT be reuniting at this year’s VMAs!! NOOOOOO!!!! First Lady Gaga, and now this?! This is one of those days where you just gotta keep your head up! Ohhhhhh ohhhh! Oh no….I’m too sad to even sing!!! 🙁