Daft Punk preview their new video! Techno and Dubstep weigh in!

One word! SPARKLES!


We are on board for this rocket ship ride to the planet PLUR!

Now, Dubstep and I have been very vocal in our dislike for thinks like singing and real instruments in our dance music, but Daft Punk is making it work for us this time around. Because ultimately, the most important thing in a song is how good it is to dance to! And “Lose Yourself To Dance” makes us want to do just that! Lose ourselves to dance! Like Dubstep said when we first heard the song, “Brrxxx wap wap zooompppp!!” Which I completely agree with! I couldn’t have said it better!

Pharrell and the band are seen performing on top of a mountain of dancers. How PLUR! Dancing on top of a mountain of people is one of my top ten dream places to dance! This video is creating my ultimate fantasy!

We can’t wait to see the rest of the video. I hope that it just continues to show the mountain of people get bigger and bigger and bigger! I like my dance videos to be very simple and easy to follow, because I’m usually losing focus as my body takes over and starts to dance along to the music! Or sometimes I’m losing focus because I’m on so many endorphins that it’s hard to pay attention! Hopefully when Daft Punk releases the full clip, it won’t get much more complicated because by 90 seconds, I’m no longer on the computer! I’m up and dancing!

In fact, I usually can’t spend more than 90 seconds on the computer before I get up and start dancing around. Which is why I have to take a break right now and get up and go dance around!

Okay! Sorry! I’m back now! Oops! I first started this article two days ago! Don’t tell Indie or Idol that I got distracted, okay? Idol already seems to be a little annoyed with Dubstep and me for our loud music! I don’t want to make things any worse than they already are!

Check out the preview video below, and tell us what you think!