Track By Track Review: Random Access Memories!

Daft Punk has always held a special place in our PLUR hearts, even if they DO use a few more lyrics than we prefer! We don’t like when words  get in the way of the music, but when they are used to enhance the musical experience, we are all for them! The best use of lyrics are when they repeat over and over and over again so you don’t have to think to much and can just DANCE! And when Daft Punk does use lyrics, they USUALLY don’t overuse them! Thank goodness!

Random Access Memories is a great party album! It’s not our favorite…that will always be Homework…but definitely another classic! Some of the songs meander just a little bit, but that’s okay because sometimes when you’re dancing and full of endorphins, you forget what’s happening anyway!

1. Give Life Back To Music – A great way to kick off the party! Hopefully you liked the 70s disco vibe of Get Lucky because that is a big presence on this album!  Dubstep and I didn’t mind the retro vibe at all!  Three out of five glowsticks.

2. The Game of Love – Slowing it down a bit. Ugh! No thank you to anything down-tempo! Nothing to say to this! Two out of five glowsticks.

3. Giorgio by Moroder – A weird collaboration with Giorgio Moroder. We would have preferred a more standard collaboration..

4. Within – Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too. Too.  SLOOOOOOOW. Zero glowsticks!

5. Instant Crush feat. Julian Casablancas – A fun rocking dance track with the vocalist from The Strokes! We didn’t even mind having actual lyrics in this song because the melody and the beat is PLUR enough to forgive and forget! Five out of five glowsticks!

6. Lose Yourself To Dance feat. Pharrell Williams – Best song on the album. This could be the Techno and Dubstep theme song for how many times we lose ourselves to dancing in this song! Seven out of five glowsticks!

7. Touch feat. Paul Williams –  PLUR enough to dance to, but ultimately kind of forgettable. Eight minutes isn’t too long for a song we love, but for a song we are only okay about, it starts to drag on. Three out of five glowsticks.

8. Get Lucky feat. Pharrell Williams – Overplayed. Been there. Heard it! Move on! Three out of five glowsticks.

10. Motherboard – Lots of actual instruments like flutes and strings! Very ambitious and very fun. Normally we prefer electronic sounds to actual instruments but this works for us! Four out of five glowsticks.

11. Fragments of Time feat. Todd Edwards – “Turning our days into melodies!” Todd says. That’s a motto Dubstep and I can get behind! Four out of five flowsticks!

12. Doin’ It Right feat. Panda Bear – Panda Bear stands out on this track, but not digging the Daft Punk vibe as much. Weird, right? Three out of five glowsticks.

13. Contact – A real crazy outer space journey! Hope there’s room for dancing on this rocket ship! PLUR! Five out of five glowsticks.