Worldwide EDM Concerts!? At Home?!





Dubstep and I just found out some PLURRRRRRRriffic news for everyone out there! So PLURriffic we bought an extra box of glowsticks on top of the 30 extra ones we usually get. You can never have enough!

Besides breathing and eating, all Dubstep and I do is rave and DANCE. The two leaders in digital EDM, Mixify and One Beat, are working together on an app on the Xbox, bringing 24/7, 365 day streaming rave parties right to your house! As if Dubstep and I don’t have those already. But either way, this is a huge event for the EDM world and will give everyone a fun and interactive way to show off your moves without even leaving your bedroom, bathroom, or neighbor’s closet.



Imagine this, but bigger and smaller!


The app would connect people in over 100 countries to rave, dance, and dj all together. Over 100 countries? Is this a dream? I would ask Dubstep to pinch me, but he’s too busy ordering it for the whole office.



 Someone needs a T&D rave crash course………



It’s great that people are trying more and more creative ways to connect through dance and music. Maybe we could fulfill our dream make the longest, craziest, and COLORFUL rave party ever, bringing dancing back to its PLURest form! If only it came with more Kandi bracelets and glowsticks. Ahhh. Oh well. Tell us what you think about this new way of music interactivity in the comments below!


161 thoughts on “Worldwide EDM Concerts!? At Home?!

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