Daily Roundup: Bieber Arrested Again!!!

(VIA SCENE) Justin Bieber turned himself in2 Toronto police after being charged with assaulting a limo driver. Ugh, even Miley seems like a saint compared 2 him.

Beliebers can console themselves by watching his just released video for “Confident.” [YouTube]

(VIA NERDCORE) The New York City denied renaming the intersection of Ludlow and Rivington “Beastie Boys Square.” The members of the board clearly need to have their heads checked. [RS]

Gene Simmons will be playing himself on an upcoming episode “CSI” reaffirming that CBS is the channel for old people. [HR]

(VIA INDIE) Jane’s Addiction will be performing Nothing’s Shocking in-full during a series of Las Vegas concerts. Remember the days when Dave Navarro wasn’t a complete joke? Nevermind. You probably weren’t even born.