One on One with the World Famous DJ Elephant (Day 7 of 7)


For the first time ever, Dj Elephant is sitting down for an interview – and it’s with your dear old Country! I feel so blessed to interview the electrical music community’s Buck Owens or Hank Williams or Johnny Cash! Mr. Elephant’s been touring the world with his new EDM album, Neon Tusks, and he’s graced the MyMusic office first with a long, long, LONG, rave and now with this interview! Let’s jump into it.

C: Dj Elephant, I’ve heard about you non-stop…for the last day or so, it’s delightful to finally meet you!

E: Well thank you Country, I thought my first interview should be with MyMusic. This office knows how to keep a rave rolling.

C:…Yea. That ordeal was louder than a truck pull after an all nighter with the cheap stuff. Anyway, let’s get this little Q&A going here shall we? How about your childhood, did electrical music play a big role in your life growing up?

E: It did. I grew up in Poland and my sister Ada first exposed me to electronic music with Kraftwerk albums while reading me stories from National Geographic. Then for my 5th birthday, poppa Duszynski brought home two turntables and more modern stuff. Shed, Dryft, Massive Attack, you name it I had it.


C: Uh Huh, Fascinating.

E: By the time I was 9 I was sleeping 2 hours a night tops, and I was Dj-ing house parties for Ada’s high school friends. Then came my mix tape, The Trunk On Me.   You know the story from there.

C: How old are you, if you don’t my asking? You look like just a babe under that elephant trunk.

E: I’m 17 but when you don’t sleep you live twice as much!

C: That brings up an interesting point. What is it you like so much about constantly raving and dancing? I couldn’t stand it. I had my wild times but I always caught some shut-eye in a nice warm bed. Or a truck stop. Or a love motel.

E: That is an interesting point Country. See this elephant right here? I’m the richest elephant in the whole jungle. Call me “Donald Trunk.”

C: Well ain’t that just the most enigmatic answer.

E: It’s a jungle cruise joke!

C: …

E: But really, I like sleep about as much as Deadmau5. As in, not at all. Electronic music speaks to me. It’s always speaking to me and sleep just means I’d be missing out on it.

C: What does it say to you? I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, so I haven’t got a clue.

E: Ask that guy Dubstep, he gets it.


C: Charming. Now I’ve heard around the office that you were one of the youngest Djs to be signed to a major label?

E: The jist is this: Bonk&Bass signed me at ten. Ten! And BOOM I was a warehouse-hold name. In 2007 I started my glow stick and water bottle company. I released a couple other, wildly popular albums and voila.

C: Ain’t that just the bees knees. Techno told me she saw you in Toronto, you must love traveling the world to play your computer music.

E: If you’re referring to the 2008 Toronto Deadmau5 fiasco, I’m sorry Country, I’d just rather not get into it.

C: Well that’s alright by me partner, lord knows I’ve got my own fair share of secrets. It is kind of funny that he’s a mouse and you’re an elephant.

E: Why’s that, Country?

C: …You know, cus elephants are scared of mice?

E: Well there’s a croc with a snappy personality! Ha!

C: …another Jungle Cruise thing I reckon?

E: Why did the elephant quit his job?

C: I hear ya loud and clear sugar, now, before we finish, what do you want your fans to take from your first interview ever?

E: He quit his job because he was tired of working for peanuts, Country! Okay, in all seriousness, I’d like my fans to know that although I wear a mask – not a goofy eared one that covers my whole face mind you – I’m just your average young adult who loves to dance. No matter the BPM, keep on dancing!


C: Aren’t you just the sweetest Dj I’ve ever met! It’s been a real pleasure getting the chance to put a little personality under that trunk. All of us at MyMusic want to wish you the best on the rest of your sleep deprived world tour. You’re welcome to come play those buzz saw sounds as loud as your little heart desires whenever you’d like hon.

E: Thank you so much. P.S. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @TheDJElephant.



387 thoughts on “One on One with the World Famous DJ Elephant (Day 7 of 7)

    1. DJElephant

      Elephants were always amazing animals to me. Outside of how awesome their trunks look, the noise that comes out of it is one of my little known inspirations for my music!

    1. DJElephant

      Well hey there neighbor! Other than the fame and the thousands of fans, I love touring! Getting to see places I’ve never been to before is probably my favorite part of being famous. DJing from Rio to Transylvania in just 3 days was one of the best experiences ever!

  1. DJElephant

    Last day to send me some questions before I leave for my tour tomorrow! Flood the comments with all your questions, and make this interview historic, yo!!!

    1. DJElephant

      I don’t listen to many non-EDM music artists, but I can tell you that I absolutely DESPISE people who call themselves EDM artists after one EDM-esque song cough Paris Hilton cough. I do enjoy Kanye West and Imagine Dragons here and there.

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