Some Cities Could Be Friendlier!

Well, this does not bode well for Americans!

Conde Nast Traveler has released the results of their annual poll, and the top 20 friendliest, and bottom 20 least friendliest cities have been announced.  While only 3 North American cities are listed on the Friendly list, we make the unfriendly list almost three times more, with 8 cities. What a shame!


Some of the unfriendly cities don’t come as much of a surprise. Albany, New York made the list at number 13, which is wasn’t that much of a surprise. Although  I would have assumed that New York City would have been ranked over Albany. I’ve heard stories of people jaywalking and being rude to strangers there!
Los Angeles was number 13 on the list of unfriendly cities. That’s not a surprise either! If I could tell you the rude things that have been done to be in Los Angeles! I’ve been told to shut up on a daily basis. I’ve been shot twice. I’ve been forced to ride an exercise bike generator to keep the power going for an entire building. And that’s just at work!

Atlantic City, Detroit, New Haven, Oakland, and Newark all have the dubious honor of making the list as well, with Newark at number 1!  Come on, Newark! Didn’t your mother teach you any manners? I know mine did. So did my aunt Beverly.


And a congratulations to Asheville, North Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, and Galena, Illinois, for being listed on the list of friendliest cities! I’ve never been to any of them, but I’ve read a lot about Savannah as I am a former fan of Paula Deen, and always wanted to visit her restaurant in Savannah. But that was before she turned out to be a little bit of a racist so while I still ADORE her cooking and overuse of butter, I really can’t align myself with her personality right now! But either way, that food is still delicious! Almost as good as Ruby Tuesday!


I don’t know much about Asheville or North Carolina, but if they’re listed as some of the most friendly cities in the world, well then good for them! One day if I’m able to visit them, I’m sure I’ll be treated with the same hospitality aunt Beverly treats her guests with. A warm bowl of cottage cheese and fruit, with a wool blanket to curl up with at night.