Urine Trouble, Justin Bieber!!!

Oh Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber! You are such a little pisser. Literally!

In the middle of the childish insanity that is EggGate, Bieber finds himself back in the headlines for allegedly urinating his initials into the snow during a snowboarding trip.

The incident supposedly took place on a private road in Snowmass, CO where witnesses say Bieber pulled over to the side of the road for his bathroom break while surrounded by bodyguards.

Bieber and his posse are in town for the annual Sundance Film Festival but I assume it’s not in support of the box office bomb that was Believe or his infamous Brazilian sleeping video.

Honestly, I’m at a loss. Is the Biebs that hungry for attention or is he simply out of control and needs to go to rehab?

Recent reports indicate that jars filled with marijuana were found in Bieber’s house and that he’s a big fan sizzurp. Kids, don’t drink sizzurp!

Lil Wayne


Throw in some other rumors about naked pics on his phone and the evidence that seems to link the Biebs to prostitutes and you’ve got the blueprint for what appears to be a seriously troubled young man.

Work out your issues, Bieber! You’re getting dangerously close to the Lohan Zone!!!

How is Bieber going to top this? Let us know in the comments below!