Daily Roundup: Chris Brown Says Yes Yes to Rehab!

Chris Brown entered rehab last night in order to “gain focus and insight into past and recent behavior.” If that’s really the case, he’s going to be there for a long, long time. [CNN]

(VIA NERDCORE) Kanye West postponed yet another show on his Yeezus tour, pushing his November 1 concert in Anaheim to a future date. Apparently it’s tougher than you think to move a mountain. [LAT]

(VIA COUNTRY) Lady Gaga’s performance on the British X Factor yielded 260 complaints. I’m shocked! She couldn’t even hit 300? You’re losing your edge, Gaga! [NME]

Katy Perry roar’d (get it?) to the top of the Billboard 200, moving 286,000 copies of her latest, Prism.Let’s see how that stacks up against One Direction and Lady Gaga’s new albums which will be released next month. [MTV]

(VIA INDIE) Stevie Wonder will be performing his seminal album Songs In the Key Life in its entirety at an upcoming Los Angeles charity concert. If you’re not familiar with Songs In the Key Life, you’re doing it all wrong. [Billboard]